The Dirty Truth

Let’s talk the dirty truth on deodorants and antiperspirants

There are some interesting points of view on the two, but we need to clarify a few things first.

Antiperspirants help to prevent or even stop sweating and deodorants eliminate the odor. 

Remember when we were young and we heard the term “sweat it out”? Well, somewhere along the way, we have equated sweating with embarrassment even though it is a completely normal function to perspire.  Sweating allows the body to regulate its own temperature and helps to release toxins. moving on, often people will say “but my deodorant works!” of course commercial deodorants work!  They are loaded with chemicals and other additives that will clog your skin, impairing its natural function to sweat.  Again, I’m not suggesting that we should all walk around smelling funky, but what I have to ask is, should we be stopping the body’s function to sweat?

Aluminum ZirconiumTetrachlorohydrex Gly, Cyclomethicone, Stearyl Alcohol, PPG 14Butyl Ether, Phenyltrimethicone, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PEG 8 Distearate,Fragrance, Cornstarch, Polysaccharides

Above is a list in the proper order, of the “active ingredients” in a common store bought deodorant/antiperspirant that I found online. Remember only the “active” ingredients were listed.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t tell you what more than two of these ingredients are and unless you are a chemist you probably can’t decipher them either. Why are we putting these on our skin and more importantly, why are we putting them on a sensitive area which is home to an imperative system of the body....the Lymph.  As with all systems of the body the Lymph plays a huge role in the health of ourtissues. Below is a brief description of their function. Lymph nodes are foundin several areas of the body but for obvious reasons I will refer to this onegrouping in the underarm area.


[The lymph glands are part of the natural drainage system of the body called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is made up of a network of lymph glands, connected throughout the body by tiny tubes (vessels) called lymph vessels.  Lymph is a yellow fluid that flows through the lymphatic system and eventuallydrains into veins. This system helps to get rid of waste products from the body.


Back to our ingredient list, I’ll take the first ingredient on the list as my example (I won’t go into all of them because you can do the research if you like). The first ingredient (the one I have highlighted in red) is an additive that is used to clog our pores and shut down our ability to sweat therefore not causing odor. Seems like a rather extreme way to deal with odor. If we shut everything down that smelled bad we’d be in quite a bit of trouble. Not to say that odor shouldn’t be dealt with but maybe there’s a better way of doing so, rather than changing one of our body’s natural ways of eliminating toxins.


Although not listed, possibly because it’s not an “active” ingredient but there are usually preservatives called parabens in commercial brand deodorants and antiperspirants. I’m sure most of you have heard the horror stories about the studies proving these are known hormone disruptors. Now ladies, tell me, with all the things going on in our bodies hormonally already, do we really need to have our hormones disrupted?


On another note, there are many conflicting studies about whether or not the aluminum compounds in personal care products are connected to the on set of Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer. You may or may not agree with what has been said but the simple fact is that this particular ingredient temporarily stops the process in which toxins specific to the applied area are eliminated.

Where then, do they end up? Scarey thought.



So what can we do about it? Well, for myself and my family, I made the decision several years ago to switch us over to organic deodorant.  Antiperspirant wasn’t an option as my husband had a sensitivity to it. We had the same problem that most everyone who made the switch complains about, they just don’t seem to work! Like most, we didn’t mind spending extra on an organic deodorant but when you’ve paid more and it doesn’t work it leaves you feeling frustrated and well, smelly! With teens and pre-teens still at home, I was quickly trying to find a solution to our odor issues!  After much research, and trial and error with recipes, I finally stumbled on a formulation that works for us and for most who have tried it.


There are many deodorants, natural and commercial on the market, so if you have made the decision to go natural (but not au naturalle) have patience, stick with it and find something that works for you that doesn’t impede such an important function, one that promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.


It’s ok to sweat!