Hand Sanitizer

We know the answer to why we use hand sanitizer, because of course the sheer convenience of throwing a little bottle of cleanser in your purse or your desk drawer gives a sense of cleanliness and safety from all the those little germs that pack a nasty punch these days!

Since our skin is our largest organ of the body and we know that it can absorb lotions, potions and toxic substance, why wouldn’t we pay more attention to what we put on it? The controversy lies with whether or not toxic substances can be absorbed right into the bloodstream through topical application of products. Some say not, but even so, reconsider why you would apply a toxic substance onto your skin when we know for certain that it will be absorbed at least into the dermal layers?

Here’s some food for thought on the issue of “to” or “not to” use hand sanitizers. A few years ago I took my blood requisition into the lab, as my family physician was having my liver enzymes tested. When I sat down, the technician made a startling comment to me about how they (that lab, specifically) had recently received many requisitions for liver enzyme analysis on children and that it was connected to the over use of hand sanitizer.  Now this information was relayed to me in a casual conversation but it made me rethink all of those dirty little bottles of fruity scented hand sanitizers that my girls have brought home from birthday party loot bags as well as the ones I have purchased myself over the years.

As with a lot of things….hand sanitizer may serve its purpose pertaining to medical uses, but from one average parent to another….is this something we should be more aware of? You Bet!! And by the way, it is also my opinion that nothing beats a good old fashion scrub with the warmest water and a bar of soap. There are many essential oils that have anti bacterial properties and often now, I will mix those into a mini spritzer bottle of filtered water and use that for almost everything! This has to be my favourite multi-purpose item. Lavender, lemon and tea tree oils go a long way. And remember, we (especially) our children DO need to be exposed to SOME bacteria or we will never develop our immunity to the germs that we will encounter later.