ROSES –We use a variety of rose petals for their luxurious feel and beauty as a dried additive. As rose floral water helps to balance and tone the skin while promoting a clear complexion. Roses have been used in skin care within many cultures dating back centuries. Our climate doesn’t always allow roses to be available throughout the year so we dry what we can from our gardens and use a high grade quality of dried roses which we buy from a local supplier. All of the dried petals in our products are pesticide free.

BEESWAX – First, I just want to ask, have you ever smelled raw beeswax without any additives? With all the synthetic scents we take in daily, it takes a moment to adjust to the mild faint sweetness that it has but it is such a beautiful ingredient on its own. For our skin, there are so many properties to list but let’s start with its ability to soften and heal skin naturally.  It’s an antioxidant and in our products we use it for its natural solidifying quality, so bringing products together from a liquid oil base to a solid like our body butters and lip balms. We use only local Ontario beeswax that comes from small family run beekeeping for the ethical practice and appreciation of bees and their products. It is extremely important to us to take great care of our Bees and the plants they harvest from.

ORGANIC MUNG BEANS- Organic mung beans are naturally enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Since collagen and elastin are the main elements needed to maintain healthy skin tone consuming mung beans provides phyto-estrogen which aids in making these elements. Mung beans are thought to have a cooling affect on the body therefore clearing heat and toxins. Now we know why these little beans are healthy in our diet but we thought we’d take things a step further and slow grind them by hand into a fine powder to make a daily facial exfolliant that gently cleanses the skin so that it can properly absorb moisture returning its smooth texture and hydrated appearance.

COCOA BUTTER- Cocoa comes from whole cocoa beans, which are fermented, roasted, and then separated from their hulls. We use two kinds of cocoa butter at Peel. One is organic and still contains that naturally rich chocolatey scent that we associate it with. The other has been slightly more processed to remove the scent so that we can still obtain its wonderfully emollient, anti-oxidant qualities while blending it with essential oils. Both offer a rich product that fight free radicals and keep skin smooth and well moisturized.

BORAGE OIL- Rehydrates skin tissue and helps to eliminate inflammation caused by every day exposure to the elements. It contains the richest source of GLA (gamma linoleic acid) a fatty acid. It is not only a superior skin moisturizer but promotes cell repair therefore improving the look of dryness, redness, acne and sun damage. We use it in our daily facial serum.