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With a background in esthetics and a need to find genuinely natural and
luxurious bath and personal care products, in 2012 Nancy Melaney created

The Back Story...

At 42 I was thrown into surgical menopause , a phase of life that was
supposed to gradually begin in another 10 years or so. After suffering
through a year of painful illness that resulted in major surgery, and
receiving a diagnosis of Endometriosis, a disease I knew nothing about, I
realized that not only was I extremely fortunate to have my 3 wonderful
children (infertility is one of the many problems caused by Endo) but I also
had a lot of learning to do.
Although recovery progressed very well for me, I still had some time on my
hands, so I decided to research the disease that had caused me such
extreme pain . It was a year’s worth of sleepless nights and several trips to
the emergency room leaving me with more drug prescriptions than
Unlike some women, I had no diagnosis until my surgery had been done.
So I was working somewhat backwards to find out what I was dealing with.
Endometriosis has no cure and no known cause. What is unknown to some
is that even post surgery, Endometriosis can return to other areas of the
body including the liver and the lungs causing a host of more serious
There is some speculation about it being hereditary, but as far as I knew,
no one in my family had dealt with this so I had absolutely no information
and had to keep looking.
As I came across more and more articles, what I found was, that like some
cancers, Endometriosis is an Estrogen dependant disease. This led me to
become more interested in a term I was constantly seeing, “hormonal
imbalance”. It’s an often used term but I wanted to know how it related to
Endometriosis and how hormonal imbalance can cause an excess of
Estrogen in the body. Something I had never been tested for.
During my research, I stumbled upon the “paraben” chemical group as well
as many other synthetic additives that are known hormonal disruptors and
how a great many of these are used in the production of the bath, personal
and skin care products we apply each day directly to the largest organ of
our body, our skin. With that in mind, I thought back to what we were
taught as Estheticians and that was whatever goes on our skin also gets
absorbed by it . So, I started to wonder what the purpose of these chemicals
were exactly and why we wanted to be absorbing them. I found many
explanations, which I will address in my Blog articles.
Of course other lifestyle choices, illness, necessary medications and
environment can all negatively affect hormone balance but I also think it’s
time we take a serious look at the ingredients in our skin care products as
these products are a huge part of our daily routine